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Ken Davis

If you or someone you love recently received a coronavirus vaccine, you can thank Nordson’s team in Loveland, Colorado. As part of Operation Warp Speed in the United States, major vaccine manufacturers rely on Nordson technology for COVID-19 vaccine production.,best site to play blackjack online

“Our team in Loveland makes all the different fittings and fluid components that go into the manufacturing lines for our customers, including the world’s largest vaccine producers,” explained Justin Hall, general manager of the Nordson Medical Fluid Components division. ,play 3 card poker online free

“Nordson makes this possible,” added Ben Johnson, global market and product development manager. “The COVID vaccines developed all require single use technologies, which Nordson has been developing for years. What we’re seeing now is a culmination of the work and investments we made early on to drive the future of drug manufacturing.” ,online roulette gambling real money

online private poker games with friends,Ken Davis, market development manager, said most vaccines traditionally were made in large batches in stainless steel manufacturing lines. Starting 10-15 years ago, customers began using single use technology to make vaccines within closed systems. For the coronavirus vaccine, cells are grown in bags and transferred throughout their development – and all the parts used in that process are Nordson’s.

“Ken is humble so I’ll speak for him,” Ben said. “He was the one who had this vision 10 years ago and saw opportunities for investments in this technology long before it was popular in the industry. The work we’re doing today wouldn’t be possible without Ken’s vision.” ,free slots win real money no deposit required

live roulette real money,Due to Ken’s contributions – also supported by Ravi Narayanan, global product manager – Nordson now has the broadest portfolio of products in the industry, making us a natural fit for customers that need a lot of products, and fast.

“As a consumer, you might not see how single use components could be better, cheaper, greener and more effective than stainless steel. But the requirements to run drugs through a stainless-steel plant mean you have to spend about 30 days cleaning tanks and pipes between runs. If you had to switch from a flu vaccine to a Polio vaccine, the amount of cleaning you’d have to do is phenomenal,” Ken said. “Our whole challenge was to get the vaccine to market quickly, so the only choice was to go the single use route.” ,joker poker online

Usually, it takes about three years to produce a new vaccine. Nordson, collaborating with others in the pharmaceutical industry, customers and government officials, made it happen within one year. ,poker table online with friends

Because of Project Warp Speed, all vaccine orders must be prioritized over any other commercial interests, and business leaders at Nordson meet regularly with government officials to discuss the supply chain and prioritize needs. ,no deposit bonus online roulette

“The tools and processes in Nordson’s business system helped us free up capacity to manage this – in machine hours and people hours, eliminating the waste and separating and in-lining, so we’re now able to handle these volumes,” Justin said. ,online private poker games with friends

classic blackjack online,Since the pandemic began, the Loveland team has worked around-the-clock, adding additional shifts and making investments to increase capacity – all without sacrificing quality standards or impacting other customers. They continue to scale up and shift priorities to meet the global demand for vaccines.

free blackjack win real money,“My dad is 75 and has a bad heart,” Ben said. “He just got his vaccine, and knowing I played a part in that makes all the work I’ve been doing, all the late nights and early mornings, worth it.”

“I walk out of here just amazed at how important we are to the overall health system in the world,” Ken said. “When customers are calling me and saying ‘we need this, and we need this now’ it’s sometimes tough to take, but you also realize how important we are as a company.” ,free slots win real money no deposit required

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