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The reports page lets you create plots or email reports for any of the measurement values you have recorded.  When you enter the report page iHealth Log scans through all of your diary records and lists any measurements which you have recorded.  You can then select a starting and ending date for your report and one of the measurements in the list.  After making your selection press the plot icon to generate a plot of the data or the email icon to create an email. 

Note that it is not necessary to enter every measurement value every day.  iHealth Log scans your diary and only extracts data from the days where you have entered values for the particular measurement of interest.

When viewing the plot you can rotate the iPhone/iPod into landscape orientation if you desire and the plot will change aspect ratio. 

When you press the compose button an email is created with a brief descriptive heading and a .CSV file containing all measurements in the selected date range.  You have the option to also include all of the medication history.  You can now send this email to your physician keeping him/her up to date on your health status.  The .csv file will easily open up directly into Excel or Numbers where the data can be reviewed or graphed using all of the powerful tools available in the spreadsheet program.


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