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Starting with Version 2 of iHealth Log you may now track the health of multiple individuals.  You can add additional individuals by touching the “+” button at the bottom of the Patients screen.  This will take you to the app store where for a very nominal fee you can purchase as many additional patients as you like. 

Switching between patients is simple.  Just touch the Patients button on the bottom of the main screen.  You will be shown a list of the patients you have created.  Simply touch the individual you wish to edit. 

Each patient has its own independent list of medications, measurements and diary so there will be no confusion which medication belongs to which patient.

Version 2 of iHealth Log also allows you to import and export patient data.   This feature allows you to move patient data to another device and to back up your data to avoid a loss of your valuable information.

To enter patient information touch the patient information box at the top of the main screen.  If the patient is in your address book touch the "+" sign in the name field and search find the entry.  If not, you can fill in the values manually.  To enter a photograph simply touch the Select Photo icon.  You can select a photo from your photo album, or if you have an iPhone you can take photo with the built in camera.

You should enter the diagnosis and the patient’s birthdate since this information is used on all of the emailed reports.


To export data touch the "Patients" button at the bottom of the main screen.  At the bottom right of the list of patients you will see an Import/Export button.  Select the patient you wish to export and then touch the Import/Export button. Select "Export Selected Patient".  An alert will display asking you to confirm the export.  If you have selected the correct patient touch "Export". The data has now been exported to the iHealthLog Documents folder.  

To either back up this data or prepare to copy it to another device connect your iPhone/iPod to your computer.  Open iTunes and when it is done syncing click on the name of your device in the left side bar.  Next click on the Apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing. Click on iHealth Log and in the iHealth Log Documents window you will see a list of 5 files.  Select all 5 files and either touch the "Save To..." button or drag the files to a location on your computer.  Please note that you will need all 5 files for any subsequent import to work properly.

Exporting PAtient Data

Now that you have exported a patient to your computer you can import it to another device or back to the original device (in the event of a data loss).  Attach the new device to your computer and open iTunes.  Select the new device in the left side bar and then click on the Apps tab.  Scroll down to the File Sharing area and click on iHealth Log.  Now either select "Add..." and navigate to the exported files or select the exported files on your computer and drag them to the iHealth Log Douments box.  The files will be copied to your new device.  Now launch iHealth Log on the new device and touch the "Patients" button.  Touch the Patient in the list that you want to use for the imported data.  Now touch the "Import/Export" button.  Select "Import To Selected Patient". You will be asked to confirm the import.  Be aware that the import will overwrite the selected patient data.  If you have selected the correct patient for the import, touch "Import".  The data will quickly be imported into the currently selected patient.

Importing PAtient Data

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