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I have a child with chronic kidney disease. As a software developer I became frustrated with the lack of tools for tracking my son's health status and providing emergency information. Fortunately, the iPhone was a blessing as I could develop an application for my son, his doctors, the school nurse, emergency service personnel and others who needed fast information and tracking of everyday chronic health information. iHealth Log is the application that grew out of my experience, and it is fast and effective for entering data and tracking and e-mailing this data to people who need it. With an iPhone you, your caregiver, or emergency personnel can call the doctor or the pharmacy with just a touch of the screen. When your child is playing sports, at camp or the other "remote" situations, having an application others can easily use could be a lifesaver.

Patients:  Select which patient information you are using.  You may have as many patients as you like.

Medications and Prescriptions:  All medications and dosages are readily entered and easily maintained along with important prescription details

Measurements:  All measurements taken can be logged and new ones easily entered for ever changing test requirements

Diary:  Details of the medicine effects, notes on issues and more can be logged and noted for proper recall during stressful emergencies

Reports:  A report function graphs and emails data for use during emergencies, for doctor followup, and for general usage

ICE: The In Case of Emergency page provides instant access to patient name address and phone number as well as emergency contact information.  This information is available to first responders even when password protection is enabled.

If you have an elderly person, chronic care situation and even multiple-caregivers helping with an illness, the use of an iPhone or iPod Touch with this application could create a significant ability to help adjust medications, provide emergency personnel quick information, and possibly provide overall better care.

Medications and Prescriptions:

It is difficult for chronic care, children, elderly, and sometimes confused patients to dispense and provide medications and prescriptions.  Many times the medications have special instructions that should always be available.  It is very hard for school nurses and emergency personnel to have active, current information should they need it.  I wanted a way to keep track of prescriptions and maintain a complete history of medications and measurements.  In my son’s case it was weight, urine protein levels and cholesterol, but over time these change.  iHealth Log was designed to help manage the ever changing medications and then compare and report measured results with the effects of the medicines.

  1. Store medicines, photos of medication, special instructions for every medicine

  2. Record dosage, frequency and effects

  3. Store pharmacy, doctor information and one touch phone numbers (iPhone)

  4. Maintain refill information

  5. iHealth Log automatically researches Drugs.com for drug information including interactions and side effects.

  6. Easily send email lists of all medications

  7. Keep a daily diary of medications and measurements

  8. Quickly and easily create summary reports for your physician

  9. Password protect your medical information


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