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iHealth Log can keep track of all of your prescriptions. For each medication you can record dosage and frequency as well as the cost of each medication.  The IHealth Log medication database also allows you to record the name and phone number of both the prescribing physician and the pharmacy as well as the prescription number and the next refill date.  And if you have an iPhone you can call the doctor or the pharmacy with just a touch of the screen.

If you want more information about a particular medication just touch the info button next to the medication name and the app will search the drugs.com database and direct you to the web page for the medication.

For individuals who take a large number of medications there are often times when the pills get mixed up and a health care aid may need to determine the type of one or more medication.  iHealth Log allows you to include a photograph of each medication.  If you have an iPhone you can use the iPhone camera to photograph each pill or capsule and include the photograph with each medication record.  If you are using an iPod touch you can take the photographs with any camera, import them into iPhoto and the select the appropriate images from your photo library.  

Once the medications are entered into iHealth Log a quick glance at the Medications list shows you a list of all current medications along with an image of the pills and a the dosage and frequency. 

Another issue individuals (and/or caregivers) often encounter is the need to compile a list of all current medications.  These lists are needed by physicians, schools, camps just to name a few.  Typically this involved getting out all of the pill bottles and writing down a current list of the medications, dosage, frequency and prescribing physician, a tedious and error prone process.  iHealth Log simplifies this task.  Once all of an individual’s medications have been entered into the application a simple touch of the compose button in the Medications List will automatically generate an email containing a list of the medications, dosages, frequency, pharmacy, prescription number, prescribing physician and phone number.  This email can then be sent with the touch of a button.

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