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For people with chronic illnesses, keeping a medical diary can be very beneficial to the long term success of treatment.  Having a long term history of medications and measurements can help the physician(s) modify treatment to get the best balance of medication to keep a patient stable.  iHealth Log makes keeping a diary simple. 

Once you have entered all of the  current medications into the medication section and added the appropriate measurements into the measurement section you are ready to start a diary.  When you press the + sign at the bottom of the diary page you are prompted to add a new diary entry.  For the first day you would add an empty diary entry.  You are then taken to a page where you can add medications and measurements to the diary.  After adding all of the medications and measurements you can edit dosages and measurement values and enter today’s numbers.  If the medication dosages are consistent with the prescriptions already entered there is no need to edit them. 

Once the first day has been completed, entering subsequent days is simple.  When you press the “+” sign to enter a new day you have the option of duplicating the most recent entry, or for those people who are on alternate day regimens, you can duplicate the next to last entry.  After creating the new entry simply edit the values which have changed. You should only need to edit the measurement values which vary from day to day.

NOTE:  When you enter medications and measurements into a diary entry they are copied from the medication and measurements list and permanently entered into the diary.  Deleting or modifying medications and measurements in the medications and/or measurements pages will not change entries in the diary.   If one of your medications does change (i.e. the dosage changes, the medication becomes generic or the pill shape changes), on the date you start the new prescription you should make sure that you delete the old medication from the diary entry for that day and re-select the updated medication from the list.


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